Yes, you can still ship DHL Internatonal and we save you money . Save 5-10% of DHL discounted web price when you ship with us . More interantional coverage and updated email notifications on all your shipments. Sorry we can not ship international to any embargoed countries and for shipments valued over $2000.00 , for this shipments you will have to do it on the web.  

We accept drop offs for DHL . You will require 3-4 copies of commercial invoice and Notarized certificate of origin for commercial exports under $2000.00 and may require additional documantation depending on the country of export. We will also have to varify validity of account for any way bills filled out maunaly.We can notarize certificate of origin form for a small fee.  All drop off customers have to register the first time with us for HIPDR Items compliance . Customer responsible for accuracy and make sure all documents are attached to the shipment .

Please note we charge for non career supplied packaging material and supplies which are provided by us.