Shipping and Packaging 

We can handle the hassle of packaging and save you time and ship it for you,using appropriate materials at a reasonable cost .In addition to packaging we will help you decide which shipper are most cost effective for any shipping requirement that you have and the only shipper who lets you see on screen your choices and the process.We carry over 40 different sizes of corrugated boxes for your shipping needs,

We are authorized ship center for DHLand FEDEX and are Approved shipper for USPS .We are member of AMPC and particpate in the ship responsibly program

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Please use a sturdy corrugated box and write the delivery address with water proof marker,on the outside and inside of the box Use at least 2 inchies of styrofoam,peanuts or bubble wrap around fragile items,and 4 inches around electronics.Please use a packaging or strapping tape .
Please review our shipping regulation and for high value items give us a call for more information on resrictions and packaging requirments.

Don,t use duct,masking,cellophane or other type of tapes.Dont wrap your package with paper or string as all carriers use automated machines.Don't ship prohibeted items please see our ship responsibly program for complete guide

Daily  Pickup Times


Fedex Ground Mon - Fri   04.30 p.m.  Sat NO Pickup
Fedex Express/international Mon - Fri  06.30 p.m.  Sat   02.00 p.m.
DHL International ONLY Mon - Fri   04.00 p.m. Sat  NO Pickup
USPS    Mon -Fri 12.30 p.m.    Sat   01.30p.m.    


 Please note pickup time varies and change without notice and allow extra time for packaging

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